Digital CDs

Digital CD FAQs

What pictures will be on the CD?

All identified pictures of you from the event along with at least start photo.

What can I do with the images?

You may print them at home or through a professional lab, e-mail them (except we'd recommend reducing them in size prior to e-mailing them), post on personal blogs and websites with a link to in the copyright statement such as "Copyright All rights reserved". You may NOT post them on business websites or use in any business endeavor.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION retains all copyrights to the images on the CD. No other uses except those described above are allowed. If you wish to use an image for commercial use, please contact us via e-mail or call us.

What resolution are the jpegs?

The resolution of our smallest jpegs are 2048x1360 (3 MegaPixels). Good enough to print a poster size print. However, if you really want a poster, please consider ordering directly through us as we can provide more quality control than the average user.

What is a jpeg?

A jpeg is the digital image captured by our cameras. In essence, it is the digital negative.

Will my montages be included on the CD?

No, customized products are not included. However, you receive a 10% discount on all orders placed through the office within 2 weeks of your digital CD order. To place an order, call us at 757-623-0892 or e-mail us with your list of images and print sizes and we'll call you back with a total.

Is there a money-back guarantee on this product?

No, once the CD has been shipped, there are no refunds. A damaged CD may be returned for replacement within 3 weeks of delivery.

I found some unidentified pictures of me, can they be added to the CD?

Yes, please include the image number(s) in the options box where you provide the athlete's name

My wife raced too, can I add a picture of her to my list of CD pictures?

If she's in a picture with you, that will be included. If you are not in the picture, it's an additional $20 per picture.

Can I have multiple family members or events on a CD?

Not for the base CD price. However, you can receive a $5 discount when ordering multiple family member images and placing on the same CD. The images of the additional family members will be added to the CD. For example, the base price is $54.95 and their are two family members, the cost of the first athlete is $54.95 and the cost of the second athlete is $49.95. These must be ordered through our office, please call 757-623-0892. Have the athlete's names, bib numbers and race information ready or send via e-mail and then call with CC information. If you have found unidentified pictures, please let us know when you call. Or e-mail the image numbers in advance. A discount of $5 off the base pricee is provided for each additional family member.

CD of Images

You can purchase a CD of all your identified individual digital images in jpeg format from a multi-sport event. (Please note this does not include montages or any other customized images)

View your pictures now. If there is only one or two pictures of you at a multi-sport event we probably were not able to identify you on the bike but probably have a picture. We'll be glad to find it and add to the CD. All pictures will be reviewed for quality and minor adjustments will be made prior to burning them to the CD.

When a high quality large print is needed we still recommend ordering prints through us as we utilize calibrated monitors and printers to ensure the perfect match with the printer. With the purchase of the CD, you are also entitled to receive a 10% discount on your print order. You must call us at 757-623-0892 to place the print order.

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